Compelling Learnings From Divorce Clients – August 20, 2020

Date: August 20, 2020
Time: 2:00-4:00 pm EST
Location: Virtual Training

The rich and comprehensive data from the 2nd IACP Client Experience Study invites us to reflect deeply, challenge our assumptions, and expand our repertoire of practices for enhancing client experiences and post-divorce perceptions about the divorce process.  Attendees can expect to be surprised, challenged, and inspired by what the data seem to tell us. While we will spend some time reviewing the data, the majority of the workshop will be an exploration of intriguing ideas for taking Collaborative Practice into the future.

The IACP Client Experience Study assessing client satisfaction across different divorce process options, yielded gems of information that will help us improve our work with clients.  Our learnings from the study strongly suggest that that we as practitioners need to be more mindful about what we are and are not doing, and deepen our understanding of how Collaborative divorce outcomes impact clients’ experience of the Collaborative process.

This presentation will provide insight into clients’ perceptions of their Collaborative divorce one to three years after it is completed. From these insights, new and refined practices for delivering and implementing client-centered collaborative strategies will be explored and discussed. Interdisciplinary practitioners will benefit from this training, including lawyers, mediators, mental health professionals, and financial professionals.

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